Restaurant Review: Goldberg’s, New Orleans

On our only day in New Orleans last month, we had the opportunity to have breakfast at Goldberg’s Fine Foods in New Orleans. We were on our way to meet up with our party at the beautiful and historic The Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans, and needed to eat something before the day started. As we were walking from our parking to the hotel, we spotted this deli next to the hotel and popped in to grab a bite.

Now I’ve never really had horribly bad deli food… seems delis throughout the country have decent menus in common. Some are outstanding, others are good…they’ve always been a safe bet for me when traveling. Goldberg’s was on the outstanding end of the spectrum!

Since it was breakfast my other half and I both ordered a coffee and a Chicken and Biscuit. (While in the South one must eat a Chicken and Biscuit, right?!?) One of the true tests of a southern cook is said to be the quality of their fried chicken…you just can’t fake quality fried chicken!

When we got our plates, we were pleasantly surprised by the size of our meals–they were good-sized portions and looked especially tempting. On the side were some fried potatoes and pepper strings which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Chicken and Biscuit–Goldberg’s Fine Foods, New Orleans

At first taste, we–in unison–gave a “mmmhmmm!” mouthful of approval. The chicken was tender and had been brined to perfection–like all good southern fried chicken. I did not ask, but I suspect the brine was a buttermilk base because of the ever-so-slight tanginess of the chicken–it was balanced and divine! A++

The chicken was topped with some delicious gravy and rested on a fried egg. All of this was wrapped in a tasty and sturdy biscuit. Buttery, large and substantial–they did not disappoint!

These were one of the best chicken and biscuits either of us had ever had–hands down!

After we finished breakfast, we met our party and happened to mention the meal to them. And–as all good food does–it sucked us all back in for another round that afternoon. This time it was their Reuben Egg Rolls!

I never would have thought to put Reuben sandwich ingredients into an egg roll and fry it, but I am sure glad someone else did! The sour, sweet, bitter and fried components of this dish were amazing–definitely worth a second try! We were so busy with other things that we didn’t get a picture of these amazing munchies, but if you are ever in New Orleans and want to try something different these should be on your list.

Goldberg’s Fine Foods might ring a bell for those of you who fly through the Atlanta airport, because they are local to Atlanta and–besides having locations throughout the Atlanta, GA area–they are in concourses A and T at ATL. I will definitely be finding my way to one of the ATL locations again very soon!

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