Apple Pie Oatmeal Jars

One of my favorite on-the-go breakfasts are homemade instant oatmeal jars.  They are quick, completely portable and so, so simple to make!  I throw one of these in my work bag in the morning, fill with water from our hot water dispenser at the office and wa-la!  Oatmeal over Excel spreadsheets!

These stars of the morning rush out the door are also super versatile and can be made in a plethora of  combinations–your imagination is the limit! (Just be sure to use dry ingredients that will re-hydrate easily.) Not only are these easy to use, they are easy to make in bulk and store for the week/month/etc. for your family!

This week, since I have dried apples and apple pie spice on hand from earlier in our Applepolooza series, I figured I would make an apple pie version of these oatmeal jars.  And let me tell you, that was a very good decision!

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Apple Pie Oatmeal Jars

Apple Pie Oatmeal Jars Copyrighted 1300 pixels

This recipe will make one jar of oatmeal.

1/2 Cup Quick Oats  (I use these.)

1 T. Powdered Milk

2 T. Brown Sugar

1 t. Apple Pie Spice

1/4 C. Crushed Dehydrated Apples

1/2-1 C. Hot water

  1.  Using a canning funnel, layer the ingredients in the jars starting with the oatmeal, then milk, brown sugar, apple pie spice and top with the dried apples.
  2. Put a lid on the jar and store until you are ready to use it!
  3. When you are ready to use it, pour in 1/2-1 C Hot water (enough to cover the apples)
  4. Stir
  5. Recover with lid.
  6. Let the oatmeal sit 2-3 minutes or until everything has re-hydrated.
  7. Uncover and enjoy!

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