A New Foodie Lab Soon?

Recently, life has presented the opportunity for me to own a home again after moving several times/states for work.  I’ve never been a big fan of renting for the sheer fact that I feel I’m throwing a large chunk of money away every month that I could be investing in my future.  After 5 years of paying East Coast rental prices, (they are insane!?!) the lure of low interest rates and stability at work is allowing me to entertain the possibility of owning again.

The housing market in Maine, however, is not the easiest for buyers.  There is a ton of inventory on the market, but a large majority of that market is depressed.  Meaning, lots of homes that have sat for a long time and incurred damage or just neglect. Plus the rental prices are so high that many young professionals in the southern part of the state are finding it is just as affordable to buy instead of rent.  This makes finding a quality home for less than $250K a true challenge!

I’ve already made an offer on one home, just to make it through the inspection to find it needed over $50K in repairs… a huge disappointment.

The good news is I’ve just put another offer in on a beautiful home with a dream kitchen, plenty of room for a garden on 4 acres and a garage! (Just wait until you’ve cleared 3-6 inches of snow off your car in the morning for most of the winter–you’d be over-the-moon too! HA!)

So now comes another inspection… my hope is this one goes much better and we will be talking about moving, gardening and all the joys of home ownership in the hills of Maine.  It truly is a dream to live the foodie Mason Jars and Me lifestyle in my own home, and sharing that adventure with you is certainly apart of that dream!

Until the inspection…




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